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Exceptional outcomes start with great data

Deep insights into child care availability, affordability and waitlists for data-driven policy and advocacy. 

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Kinside helps providers manage enrollment, enabling us to collect real-time data.

Access to real-time supply and demand data helps industry experts provide the right resources and connections to keep providers at capacity and get families the care they need.

Join the city and state agencies, Child Care Resource and Referral agencies, and Shared Service Alliances leading the way. Learn more.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of spots sit open in programs.

Kinside’s best-in-class provider tools make enrollment management effortless, helping optimize transparency for child care providers, parents and advocates. Without these resources:

Providers lose millions in much-needed revenue.

Families sit on waitlists for
6-18 months.

Advocates struggle to connect families and providers.

Let’s change that, together

Our partners have access to real-time data on availability, affordability, family demand trends and more within days of partnership launch.

Proven outcomes for innovative partners across the U.S.

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