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About Kinside


Universal access to quality child care for all working parents.

We launched out of Y Combinator to tackle the single most stressful part of being a working parent in the modern world: child care. We’re guided by the principle that all families and kids deserve access to high quality care.

American economic growth has been driven primarily by women entering the workforce for several decades. However, workplace culture and structures have not caught up to the demands of dual-working families, nor family-centric values. We are here to change that.


Our founders are experts in organizing outdated industries, facilitating payments, and the benefits space. Kinside CEO, Shadiah Sigala, cofounded and scaled the late-stage tech company HoneyBook, where she intentionally designed a culture supportive of working parents. Our CTO, Abe Han also held a role at HoneyBook as lead engineer where he launched the network product. Brittney Barrett, Head of Marketing has over ten years of experience innovating outdated industries and scaling early stage startups. She is a branding, digital marketing and growth expert having led Business Development at Honeybook and running Digital Marketing at OUAI Haircare. Together, we are parents on a mission.

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Are you interested in joining a seasoned and soulful team to build a better world? We’ve launched successful startups before, recruited world-class teams, and hire with values in mind. We’re also incredibly human and committed to building a company that honors our team members as part of larger communities with lives outside of work.

As a diverse founding team, we care about hiring a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, ideas, identities, phases of life, and everything in between.

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