A modern child care benefit for today’s working parent

Hi, we’re Kinside. The smartest way to find and save on child care. Our app is available through awesome employers everywhere.

We make finding child care a cinch

Kinside partners with daycares and preschools nationwide, connecting working parents with available and reliable child care that works for their lives and their budgets.

We're here to help

Flexible Solutions

Every family is unique and child care options should reflect that. We are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We have options for every location, budget, and care philosophy.

Standard of Excellence

We understand that finding a child care provider you can trust is critical. Kinside helps you evaluate years of license and visitation history to make an informed choice about your child’s enrollment.

A Modern Approach

Our modern world demands a lot of working parents. And we recognize that pressure is felt disproportionately by mothers and minority groups. We believe that a modern workforce rests on equal opportunity for all—and that extends to childcare. We use the power of technology to make finding child care easier so parents can focus on their professional growth without compromising at home.