Attract and retain high performing employees

Support your working parents with high quality, affordable child care.


Nearly every employer is impacted by child care needs. And transitioning back into the workforce is a critical moment for new parents, particularly women.

of working women drop out of the workforce when they become mothers.
of working parents say they have missed work more than once a year because of child care.
of the average U.S. household income goes to child care (vs. 10% for health insurance.)

Working parents often face additional challenges juggling a busy schedule and making life work. The Kinside Membership is designed to give parents an edge. Choose from a full suite of options to help your busy working parents get the most support.

Kinside Membership

Employees get access to all of our membership features, including a network of top-rated caregivers, reserved spaces (where available), and concierge matching.

Employer-Sponsored Child Care

You don’t need an onsite child care center. We negotiate discounted rates and placement with local child care providers (subject to availability). Based on your needs and budget, we'll find the care solution that works best - backed by a service to support your employees along the journey.


Parents get access to a professional that supports their smooth transition back to work. We assist with the tricky questions and make it easy to find the right care. In addition, we’ll provide financial guidance on how to manage child care expenses on a budget, and take advantage of tax savings available.

Child Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Gives employees with children (under the age of 13) the ability to save up to $1,500 a year in child care costs. We’ve developed an industry-leading solution to make it easy for parents to claim these savings.

Fast roll-out and easy administration

Tailored plan to educate and engage employees, including a concierge support line for all participating employees.