Kinside for Employers

Create an inclusive environment for parents, advance women and families in your workforce, minimize family leave related costs and retain talent.

Kinside connects your working parents with reliable, full-time child care they’ll love.

Working parenthood by the numbers

of American parents say they have a hard time finding and affording high quality child care.
of highly educated “high potential” American women drop out of the workforce each year.
of those who drop out of the workforce site the lack of decent child care as the reason for their decision.

Why companies are choosing Kinside

Nationwide network

Our nationwide network allows us to support modern companies with multiple offices and remote employees.

Supports all budgets

Savings and child care options that work across your payscale.

Usage based pricing

Pay when your employees use Kinside, never when they don’t.

Simple rollout, serious impact

Easy Onboarding

An effortless rollout in under seven days, no need to integrate into your HR System.

Tailored Marketing

Kinside provides you with internal communication materials tailored for your company and it’s unique communication methods.

Measurable Results

Kinside comes in when it matters most. Retain top talent, improve engagement and provide employees with a smoother return from leave.