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Careers at Kinside


Kinside tackles the single most challenging part of being a working parent in the modern world: child care. We’re guided by the principle that all families and kids deserve access to high quality, affordable care.

At Kinside, all teams are measured in their ability to reach business goals. We are responsible for re-imagining a frustrating and broken process (finding child care), in a neglected and overwhelmed industry (child care providers), and replacing it with a seamless and life-affirming alternative. Our mission is to ensure that using Kinside to find a daycare spot is as ubiquitous as using OpenTable to find a reservation.

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Apply for open positions in all of the following teams:


Our team is responsible for the user-facing experience, and for connecting and exploiting the infinite growth loops inherent in this space. We rethink and push the boundaries of what is possible for all families. We are measured by engagement and growth – not number of features released.


Our team is driven by heart (serving parents and our internal customers), and taking up hard challenges. We work with large and varied datasets, integrations for streamlined services, an API backed consumer app, and innovate on bringing it all together into seamless experiences for our customers.


As a highly technical and data driven team, we work hand-in-hand with Product to reach our full growth and engagement potential. Marketing is a core function at Kinside – from user acquisition, inbound and outbound programs, content production, PR – all work in tandem to spur our marketplace flywheel with our three stakeholders: employers, parents and providers.

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Are you interested in joining a seasoned and soulful team to build a better world? We’ve launched successful startups before, recruited world-class teams, and hire with values in mind. We’re also incredibly human and committed to building a company that honors our team members as part of larger communities with lives outside of work.

As a diverse founding team, we care about hiring a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, ideas, identities, phases of life, and everything in between.

The Challenge

We are shaking up child care, an industry that hasn’t seen movement in 30 years. And we are attempting an ambitious vision to activate a network with three stakeholders: parents, child care providers and employers. If you like to go big or go home, then we like your style.

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