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Finding child care should be easy

Now it is. Kinside creates a more transparent and supportive child care ecosystem for families, providers, employers and government agencies.

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Emerald Bay Bilingual School

Seattle, WA

Open spots starting at $1,900 / mo

Tours available

Growing Minds Montessori

San Francisco, CA

Open spots starting at $1,900 / mo

Tours available

Little Badgers Preschool

Madison, WI

Open spots starting at $1,900 / mo

Tours available

Why we do what we do

Real change happens when we partner together.

That’s why Kinside partners with employers, child care providers and government agencies to drive better outcomes for all.

100% of providers say Kinside helps them save hours every week.

92% of parents say they are satisfied with their Kinside child care match.

Counties on Kinside see up to 80% of local provider inventory.

The future of finding child care is here.

All the information you need to enroll in care you love, all in one place.