Weebleworld Child Care Center
6 weeks - 4.5 years old
Mon-Fri, 6:00am-6:00pm
WI License: #7000582067
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There are no current openings at this location. Join the waitlist, book a tour, or send the provider a message to see if this program is a good fit.

About us

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The mission of Weebleworld is to provide the highest quality of care possible, in the healthiest environment possible, for children in their first twelve years of life, while also encouraging and supporting their parents and caretakers.

The Essential Ingredients of the Center are:

Creating a Strong Team by nourishing relationships between the children, their parents, their siblings and their caretakers through open, comfortable, and consistent communication.

Supporting the Caretakers by allowing them the necessary resources and environment in order to be successful as educators.

Honoring the Individual Child by allowing self-expression and an environment full of potential for creativity, teamwork and privacy.

Environmentally Sustainable Design by minimizing the Center’s negative impact on our planet by choosing eco-friendly materials in order to create a healthy and responsible facility for children.

A Home-Away-From-Home Facility that allows children to be as comfortable as they would be at their own home by creating a more residential feel.

Expanding and Incorporating Nature into the building by providing access to plants and other earthly items both inside the classroom and outside on the playground.

A Soothing Ambiance through the use of calming colors, abundant natural light, organic, sustainable furniture and equipment, and uncontaminated air

1815 Cedarbrook Ln, Stoughton, WI, 53589

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