Mis Colores Family Child Care LLC
0.5 years - 10 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:30am-5:30pm
Home based, Immersion
English, Spanish
WI License: #0000589320
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About us

Mis Colores Family Child Care, LLC is a family child care center that values ​​education based on a pedagogical model that emphasizes the care and education of children. In a safe environment fully adapted to the needs of the child. An environment where he or she feels at home and where self-initiated activities as well as interactions are made possible in an environment of freedom.

The center plans its activities around the integral development of the child, including their cognitive, physical and social needs in mind for the integrity of growth. The fulfillment of capacities and abilities for the children's lives are made possible from educational proposals with the combination science, art and culture. We educate children in a healthy environment where they have fun and at the same time develop their motor skills of language, and positive behavior changes.


Mis Colores Family Child Care, LLC is dedicated to providing an opportunity for children to grow and learn in a safe environment where it promotes self-confidence and love for lifelong learning, positive growth and development, along with an emphasis on that their learning will be put on games. 

During this time, children will be able to learn how to be great citizens, learn skills and help others through play, exploring and discovering their skills in each area.

605 Meadow View Road, Mount Horeb, WI, 53572

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