University Avenue Discovery Center Preschool
5.0 - 6 reviews
3 years - 11 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:15am-5:30pm
Center, Play based
WI License: #9000557929
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About us

UADC Programs:

Preschool- must be 3 years old & potty trained4K- must be 4 years old by September 1stAfterschool- for children who attend Franklin and Randall Elementary SchoolsSchool Age Summer Camp- for children going into grades 1st through 5th grade

UADC Values

Each child is a unique individual with her or his own style of learning and a rich background of experiences.Children learn best through hands-on, contextual, and interactive experiences within a rich environment.Children’s future life success is grounded in social-emotional literacy.Children learn healthy ways to express themselves through exploration of the arts.Children who have opportunities for unstructured, outdoor play are better able to concentrate, think critically, and self-regulate.Each individual has a unique and valued perspective.Working collaboratively enriches our shared community.Compassionate, respectful, and honest interactions among adults allow all staff to reach their fullest potential.Purposeful and continual professional development ensures a high-quality learning environment year after year.

Each child is a unique and special person with individual strengths and needs. Children learn best through hands-on, interactive experiences within a rich environment and developmentally appropriate opportunities to make choices regarding their learning experiences. These interactive learning experiences are taught through play-based lessons. The Educator is responsible for providing necessary guidance and support within the context of play.

Through social/emotional lessons, children have the opportunity to learn how to solve problems and make appropriate choices. The goals of teaching social/emotional lessons are to assist children in making healthy choices for themselves and their peers. In addition, UADC strongly feels that a child who is proficient in the social/emotional realm will find greater success within their academic future.

Open communication between parents and Educators is essential to a quality early childhood program. Parents are encouraged to help Educators identify their child’s ever-changing and ongoing needs to help plan for valuable learning experiences which will best meet these needs.

We are committed to an anti-bias approach to curriculum. Educators facilitate the exploration of diversity among individuals and families and support and encourage children as they learn to value diversity.

1609 University Avenue, Madison, WI, 53726
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