Seed of Life Center For Early Learning and Preschool, Inc. - Rainier Beach Community Center
3 years - 5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-6:00pm
English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Amharic, Arabic, English, Hebrew, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya, Vietnamese
WA License: #PL-77893
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About us

SOL provides a full-time multicultural program in early childhood education and supports kindergarten readiness and a multicultural, dual language Before and After School program aligned with SPS comprehensive academic outcomes for children aged five to twelve. Our qualified, caring, dedicated staff incorporates cultural traditions, social justice-themed lessons, social justice activism, and community involvement within our research-based early childhood and school-aged education curricula.

SOL serves as a Kindergarten Transition Partner because we provide translation services for the school district and SOL assists with the enrollment into kindergarten. SOL encourages educators and parents to have a strong collaborative partnership designed to foster strong reciprocal relationships with families from the first contact and maintained over time. In addition, to preparing children to be Kindergarten ready and literacy-enriched. Therefore, health screenings and assessments are paramount in the growth and development of the children and support the children's educational and physical well-being.

SOL also partners with the City of Seattle through the Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) to provide high-quality preschool that is accessible and affordable to all.  The joint goal of SPP and SOL is to eliminate racially disproportionate kindergarten readiness gap through student focus coaching, ongoing curriculum training, and data analysis that uses a racial equity lens.


Seed of Life Center for Early Learning and Preschool, Inc. curriculum provides a coherent focus for planning children’s experiences, allowing adaptations, and modifications to ensure inclusive academic access. Educators are guided by the intentional implementation of learning opportunities consistent in a culturally competent environment, which encourages educators and parents to cooperatively work together and supports individualized learning. (NAEYC 2.A.02, .03, .04, .06, 3.F.03)

Teaching Strategies Gold supports the mission and philosophy of SOL by being in alignment in the following focus areas: language, cognitive, physical, creative, independent, social-emotional growth and development, literacy, science and technology, mathematics, arts, social studies, English language acquisition, and conflict resolution. The developmental continuum is an ongoing individual assessment of the child’s progress over a course of time and reinforces the home language of children and communities served. (NAEYC 2.A.02, .03, .04, .05)

Assessment and Health Screening Policy is an additional document given at orientation. Teaching Strategies Gold Continuum Assessments are done to obtain information on cognitive development, social-emotional development, language development, gross motor development (large/physical development, fine motor), and health.  Procedure of Assessments

Children receive an initial developmental screening at enrollment and orientation.Minimum of two assessments are documented per school year.Weekly and Monthly observations are documented that include the social-emotional, cognitive development, language development, and gross motor development of the child.   Parent teacher conferences are held a minimum of twice a year or as deemed necessary per parent/guardian request.Plan of Action is developed based on the individual child assessment and reflects the concerns, developmental needs, educational goals the parent/guardian has. The plan is discussed and signed at every parent/teacher conference.Referral for diagnostic assessment is requested when deemed necessary.

 In addition, Pre-K children receive a health assessment on vision, hearing, height, weight, PPVT-4, and Ages and Stages. Both the City of Seattle Health Department and Seattle Early Education Collaborative (SEEC) partner with SOL to conduct annual assessments. 

8825 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98118
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