Lighthouse Montessori School
5.0 - 25 reviews
2.5 years - 6 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:30am-6:00pm
Center, Montessori
WA License: #PL-13070
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About us
Lighthouse Montessori believes in connecting with each child at their emotional level and assisting in helping them find their unique place within our community in a compassionate way. In parallel with that, Lighthouse teachers are there to guide the child in finding their own love for learning, assisting in their academic abilities to the best of each child's ability, and aiding the child in finding their own self-motivation. Everything about a Montessori classroom fosters independence, and at Lighthouse we celebrate the executive functions that become a part of the child as they near graduation from our program. — Cynthia Dahl, Head of School

The goal of our Montessori program is not to prepare your child for first grade. The goal of our program is to prepare your child to discover his or her place in our global society. We support the child during a vital period of development, when the child’s natural love of learning and discovery has the possibility of becoming a way of life. Our program is the first step in creating responsible citizens who feel empowered to change the world, with regard for the people and land around them to do so respectfully.


Our program is created for children aged 2 1/2- to 6-years-old.

We work with the natural ability of children this age to absorb their surroundings. Language, both written and spoken, is everywhere in the classroom. The adults make great care to only model behavior that would be appropriate for the children to replicate.Children develop through sensitive periods where, in the right moment, learning is rapid and a delight. During these periods children strive to establish an internal sense of order, to organize sensory information received every day, to learn the language(s) spoken around them, and to bring their physical bodies under their control. The concrete materials and knowledgeable adults in our program support the acquisition of these essential skills during vital and fleeting developmental periods.Children of this age are seeking functional independence: Tying their own shoes, cleaning their own messes, solving their own conflicts, and choosing their own means of discovery. Our program will offer ample time and support, guiding them to be self-confident keepers of their environment and their bodies.THE EXPERIENCE

Our Approach

We strive to follow traditional, globally-relevant guidelines (see Montessori tradition) with an open mind, creating a unique community in partnership with our families.

What This Looks Like

When you schedule a tour of our classroom – and we heartily encourage you to do so – you will see children freely moving around the room, limited only by reasonable social and safety boundaries. These children choose work on their own and take it to tables and rugs to work with for as long as they wish.

7005 24th Ave NW, Seattle, WA, 98117
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6 months ago
I love that they offer positive discipline classes for parents, what a thoughtful way to get parents involved and to teach us!
11 months ago
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