Kids Inc
3 years - 12 years old
Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:30pm
Home based
WA License: #PL-81508
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We believe that children should have an active role in learning, and through social interactions and play children are given an opportunity to grow. The Kids Inc. community (staff, parents, and children) work together to provide a rich environment that supports the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of our children while promoting self discovery and honoring diverse lifestyles. We offer a curriculum that reflects the collaboration between members of our community where learning becomes a joint experience. The following are areas of development emphasized at Kids Inc.:

 Helping children to define and talk about how they feel. Staff help children learn to recognize different feelings by offering to help them express their feelings.

 Independence and self-motivation are important for positive self-esteem. When asking children: “What do you want?” or “How can I help you?” the process of helping children take responsibility begins.

 Developing the environment so that it reflects diverse cultures and is representative of the cultures of the program. Staff and director include communication with families and results from the family survey regarding their cultural backgrounds to help model diversity and inclusion for all children and families.

The programming at Kids Inc. allows children to learn through their play. We encourage empathy and sensitivity, model proactive behavior and encourage global thinking. An important part of this is coaching children in effective communication and teaching how to recognize negative peer pressure and seek positive conflict resolution. The understanding of these experiences is necessary for strong and healthy physical, emotional, and mental development. Activities are developed to meet the needs of the individual child and are placed in the room to invite the child to experience learning. Our teachers are available to assist children and to help them experience growth through art, music, stories, language, math, and the sciences. Tactile experiences are necessary for development of motor skills. Children at Kids Inc. experience playing with sand, water, play dough, finger paint, pottery, gardening, woodworking, etc. They are encouraged to play outdoors. We engage children in a variety of sports and outdoor games to encourage their physical development and endurance. Children are encouraged to play both independently and with each other, developing their imagination, social skills, and self-esteem. Child directed and teacher directed activities are selected to encourage children to discover new ways to play.

5601 4th Ave NW, Seattle, WA, 98107

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