Greenwood Social Emotional Child Care Employee Co-Op (GSECCEC)
4.6 - 6 reviews
Open spots!
0.5 years - 5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-6:00pm
Center, Child led, Cooperative, HighScope, Montessori inspired, Play based, Reggio Emilia inspired, Waldorf inspired
English, Spanish
WA License: #PL-28233
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Dogwoods - Toddlers/2's spot (1 year 10 months - 2 years 4 months)
$2,530 / monthly
Oaks- Preschool/3 year olds spot (2 years 5 months - 3 years 4 months)
$2,310 / monthly
Redwoods - Kindergarten Prep Program spot (4 years 7 months - 5 years 2 months)
$1,950 / monthly
Pines - Pre-K/4 year Olds spot (3 years 8 months - 4 years 5 months)
$2,145 / monthly
About us
Welcome to Greenwood Social Emotional Child Care Employee Co-op! We are a new center scheduled to open October 2nd 2023. Our current employers are closing their center at the end of August and a group of the employees came together to form a new employee co-op in the space. We are transferring the current license over to our new center, and purchasing most of the equipment and supplies, while also adding and updating several things. Our focus will be a social emotional curriculum as we have found children are needing more support in these areas. At Greenwood Social Emotional Child Care Employee Co-op, we support the inclusion of children, families, and staff from all backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and religions. In our program we believe all children be treated with respect and dignity, should feel safe and secure, and each child has equal value in our program. We accomplish this by providing quality care and value-based, multidimensional curriculum that includes the holistic approach of Montessori, the child-led and collaborative approach Reggio Emilio, and the individualization and independence of Waldorf Philosophies. We provide lower than state ratios and opportunities for hands on, play-based learning experiences. We know that children thrive in structured environments where staff and rules remain consistent and are clearly explained. Our program is in alignment with the Early Achievers Program standards and rules and we are incorporating High Scope social emotional play based theories into our curriculum.
At GSECCEC, we pride ourselves in providing a value-based, multidimensional curriculum. We design activities geared to both independent work and group work. We will incorporate a Social Emotional Play based curriculum in Fall of 2023 which supports the Early Achievers Program standards and rules. This curriculum will have teachers focusing on skills that promote social emotional development. This includes but not limited to mindful practices, self help skills, emotional labeling, consent, taking
9535 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98103
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3 months ago
The person who provided the tour was excellent, and had a lot of good information to share.
5 months ago
Beautiful location and program
6 months ago
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