Fauntleroy Children's Center
4.8 - 40 reviews
Open spots!
1 month - 12 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-6:00pm
Center, Child led, Play based, Project based
Mandarin, Somali, Tagalog
WA License: #PL-21849
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Preschool Satellites spot (4 years 9 months - 5 years 5 months)
$925 - $1,829 / monthly
About us

Nestled in the north wing of the historic Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, children at FCC enjoy spacious classrooms with soaring ceilings, and over an acre of outdoor space to run, climb and explore. Older classrooms venture out into Fauntleroy community, and can be found discovering the forested trails of Fauntleroy Park right across the street, exploring the beach at Lincoln Park, or visiting seniors at a nearby retirement home.

At FCC, we pride ourselves in our dedicated and passionate teaching staff. A typical teacher at FCC brings over ten years of experience with our program and a strong commitment to creating a secure, stimulating, diverse, and enriching environment where children want to be.

We use the Creative Curriculum. Our curriculum platform is Teaching Strategies. Through Teaching Strategies Gold we follow a child's development through the milestones of physical, mental, and social emotional growth. Online portfolios, milestones, and curriculum follow a student from classroom to classroom so teachers have an opportunity to build on skills learned and tailor new experiences for each child.
9131 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA, 98136
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6 months ago
Overall we are very happy with FCC, but I do have a couple suggestions about substitute teachers. I understand that it is sometimes necessary for primary teachers to be absent, but it is especially hard at the beginning of the year when kids are getting oriented. I would suggest introducing children and parents to the substitute teachers ahead of time and trying to limit the number of substitutes per class (I have seen 5 different ones, so far in my kid's class). Substitute teachers also need to be trained to introduce themselves to children and parents. There are several times when I arrived to find two new teachers and they haven't always introduced themselves to me or my child. I would also suggest posting pictures of all of the staff, their names, and their primary classrooms/roles in the hallway. That way parents can better get to know the FCC staff and be assured that the people that they are leaving their children with are trained FCC staff.
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