Community Day Center For Children
5.0 - 4 reviews
1 year - 5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-5:30pm
Arabic, English, Spanish
Amharic, English, Spanish
WA License: #PL-538
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There are no current openings at this location. Join the waitlist, book a tour, or send the provider a message to see if this program is a good fit.

About us

At Community Day Center for Children Inc, we offer a whole environment specially tailored to help little people grow into healthy, happy bigger people. Most parents find it stressful to leave their children when they have to be away for work or other obligations. Community Day Center for Children Inc makes sure you're completely comfortable and confident in the quality of care we'll provide for your child in your absence.

Community Day Center for Children Inc is a very special place. It is a place where children can be children, and adults can feel secure leaving their most precious little people under our loving, attentive care.

We provide a range of services to address the special needs of kids, and a variety of fun activities to keep your child comfortable and happy during the time you have to be away. We treat every child who comes to visit with us like one of our own, and the little ones flourish in our understanding, encouraging environment.

Quality Child Care Since 1963.


1. To provide a culturally diverse atmosphere where children learn through social interaction.

2. To provide a stimulating environment filled with age-appropriate materials, which encourage exploration, trial-and-error learning, and the development of competence.

3. To provide an atmosphere where it is understood that family members are and will always be the most important people in the life of a child.

4. To support the individuals who are the strength of the program – the professionals who work with the children.

165 22nd Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122
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