Wee Care Academy
5.0 - 2 reviews
6 week - 5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-6:00pm
Center, Academic, Play based
WA License: #PL-20477
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About us

Our Vision is to...

Incorporate nature in ways that support the children in open-ended environments, with thoughtful interactions that help drive their curiosities and expand their knowledge.Provide inclusive, safe, and healthy spaces in which each child’s social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development is enhanced.Offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum, rich with learning opportunities so that the children can fulfill their greatest potential.Structure learning in such a way that each individual’s creativity, enthusiasm, and excitement for school is supported, encouraged, and developed.Continue to support diversity among our children, families, and staff within our community.Encourage partnership with our parents to support the children in their growth towards becoming successful lifelong learners.Demonstrate the professionalism in our teachers and staff that reflects our high standards and expectations for ourselves and our organization.

The educational philosophy at Wee Care Academy is based on highly respected models of early childhood education dating back to Piaget. We believe that children learn best in a rich environment that encourages creativity, language development, and total involvement in the learning process. This is accomplished by use of a curriculum based on experiential learning. Through play, imagination driven activities, and hands on projects based on the developmentally appropriate stages of a child’s growth, learning occurs in a wonderful way. The environment is structured to include a great deal of sensory stimulation – children learn about things as they see, hear, touch, smell and, sometimes, taste them. Language is developed as children learn to describe their experiences, share with others, and engage in the magical world of books and story-telling. Hands on activities encourage social interaction, spontaneity, and discovery of a joy in learning to learn. Each child at Wee Care Academy is valued as a unique individual with an abundance of gifts and talents to be shared with us and with the world at large. 

16727 Alderwood Mall Pkwy, Lynnwood, WA, 98037
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