Les Petits Bloomers
4.8 - 10 reviews
Open spots!
1 month - 5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-5:00pm
Home based, Child led, Play based, Project based
WA License: #PL-80851
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Under 2 spot (1 month - 2 years)
$1 / annually
2 - 3 spot (2 years 1 month - 3 years)
$1 / annually
About us

Our preschool curriculum provides developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities to encourage your child to be confident, successful, life-long learners. The early years are critical to your child’s positive growth and development and they are eager to learn new skills, experience challenging opportunities, and be encouraged for their strengths and talents.

We ensure every child is receiving the creative learning experiences they require and that they are developing physically, intellectually, and socially. Our activities, games, and curriculum are all formulated to engage and your child’s natural curiosity and provide a foundation for lifelong success. Preparing your child to succeed in school and in life is the core of our child care curriculum.


Our facility prides itself on placing each child’s development growth and safety as top priority. Above all else, our teachers develop age-appropriate activities for the different age groups at the center. In addition, our staff will revise those activities in ways to that will maximize each child’s particular needs. Our goal is to interact with each child at their level.

18620 40th Avenue W, Lynnwood, WA, 98037
5 months ago
over 1 year ago
almost 2 years ago
We did not feel that only 2 caregivers would be sufficient for 9 children with various age ranges given that our baby would be only 6months old. I would have liked to have seen safer staffing and separate spaces for the different ages.
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