EYL Home Childcare
13 years old
Mon-Fri, 3:00am-6:30pm
Home based
English, Somali
English, Somali
WA License: #PL-81419
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Curriculum Philosophy, Implementation and Program

Description (WAC 110-300-0305)

1. My program planned daily activities related to early

childhood or child development. I use WAC’s 110-300-

0305, 0310, 0315, 0320, 0325 and 0330 for guidance.

At ELY HOME CHILDCARE, I will do my best

to make this place children look forward to

coming each day. I will teach them much life

skills while trying to meet the needs of both

parents and children. We will never

embarrass or humiliate the child and under

no circumstance will we tolerate profanity.

We work and communicate with parents to

form a partnership that will benefit both the

children and family. I believe that the role of

the educator is to provide high quality

learning environment for every child so they

can reach their full potential, be confident,

and be successful in the future. Program

activities you might see at my site but not

limited to: Arts & Crafts, Science, Music,

Dual Language, manipulative, dramatic play,

exercise, indoor and outdoor play.

31011 8th Ave S, Federal Way, WA, 98003

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