Arms of the King
4.8 - 11 reviews
6 weeks - 12 years old
Mon-Fri, 5:30am-6:00pm
Center, Play based
VA License: #1106031
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About us
infant ClassOur focus areas in this class are:Providing secure attachment through primary care groups Stimulating development through sensory experiences, new sounds, physical touch, and plenty of talking and singing Stimulating physical development through tummy time and crawl time Helping children develop fine motor skills by playing with toys, reading books, and feeding themselves when they are able​ Pre-toddler classOur focus areas in this class are:Encouraging linguistic development and encouraging new and variedvocabulary Encouraging children to use their words and vocalize their wants and needs Providing opportunities for solo play and group play Allow children room to explore and engage in new experiences, inside and outside the classroom Helping children develop fine motor skills through manipulating cutlery, drinking from a cup, reading books, and playing with toys such as manipulatives, blocks, and puzzlestoddler classOur focus areas in this class are:Working with children to help them create healthy relationships with their peers through taking turns, engaging in dramatic play scenarios, and giving the children ample time for free play Working with children toward becoming potty trained Helping children develop gross motor skills through climbing, running, jumping, skipping preschool ClassOur focus areas in this class are:Encouraging children to explore their individual identity Cultivating social skills through large group circle time, group activities and experiments, and encouraging children to refer to each other by name Developing fine motor skills through sensory play, learning to cutwith scissors, tracing and/or writing their name, and learning to tie their shoes Fostering social-emotional skills through identifying emotions, naming and talking about feelings, and creating an environment of acceptance

As an official Virginia Quality center, Arms of the King not only has proven our commitment to continuously improving ourselves and undergoing extensive training, but we also have access to the best resources, materials and experts to maximize your child's experience with us!


Research shows that quality child care and early learning programs positively impact children’s development, resulting in more success in school and life. Young children’s brains are built from the bottom up, with early experiences setting the stage for all later development

10998 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA, 23601
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5 months ago
The best daycare I’ve ever had my children enrolled into. Mrs.Coretta and Ms.Audrey are the best at communicating and just super friendly.
9 months ago
Thank you for taking the time to show me around. I loved the classroom but home feel. Spacious outdoor area. Everyone was very friendly.
about 1 year ago
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