Genesis Family Child Care
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6 weeks - 12 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-5:30pm
Home based, HighScope
NY License: #892917
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Infants spot (6 weeks - 2 years)
$120 - $300 / weekly
Pre-K spot (2-5 years)
$275 / weekly
About us

Genesis Family Child Care is a home daycare that offers childcare for families in Rochester and the surrounding Rochester area. Teachers help their students achieve important milestones by engaging in play-based, educational activities. The facility provides a safe, nurturing space where kids learn important social skills.

Genesis Family Child Care Center Philosophy

Our program believes in following the views of Dewey, Vygotsky, Piaget, and Gardner. We support NAEYC's guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Practices in all aspects of our centers. We consider all of the children in the center to be a tree; the roots, trunk, branches, twigs, leaves, and crown of the tree all signify a level of growth. We know that the children that attend Genesis Family Child Care Center will grow and develop at their own pace which is generally predictable and anticipated by the staff. We believe in supporting our students by promoting acceptance among peers and adults and strive to actively involve the staff to promote self-learning as well as guided learning.

We believe that the family is the foundation of life. As stated by Swick, K. J. (2006) A common goal for families and educators is to promote the type of environment that is positive and that will fabricate caring and peaceful children (p.279). Here at Genesis Family Child Care, we believe in continuous collaboration between the staff and the families. Each family that attends GCCC is a part of our growing tree. We believe that the family members of Genesis Family Child Care should always collaborate with the families as authentic partners for the proper positive gain of the child. We believe in respecting and valuing human differences supports children's development of healthy relationships with others.

We view the family members as the primary source of knowledge for that particular child and we are the secondary source. We believe in being the added support to every family. Collaboratively we will encourage the families to work in partnership with the families to ensure the best type of learning environment for the child. As stated by Baker, A., Manfredi/Petitt, L., (2004), A program that encourages caregivers to act as resources to families is strengthening parents and caregivers in relationship-based childcare.

We believe that our program's teachers and staff all have a critical role in making the program the best one possible. According to Thomson, A., & La Paro, K. (2013), Quality teacher-child interactions in early childhood classrooms should be paired with emotional, behavioral, and cognitive outcomes that benefit the child, we strongly believe in this statement and always working towards a better program at Genesis Family Child Care (p.228)

We believe that the program should always exude a quality program because it builds on adults and children having an authentic connection with one another. All of the staff are to create a rich support system that is optimistic and open to any type of change. We believe improving and supporting any type of professional growth what will affect them directly and helps benefit the children and their families indirectly.

We believe that there are similarities and differences are a form of what makes us all unique. Having these similarities and differences here at Genesis Family Child Care allows the staff, children, and family to build a community that encourages respect. We seek out all types of ways to be inclusive within our community. We understand there will be disagreements at times, but we are also open to collaborating effectively to ensure a safe, fun, loving, and accepting environment for the children, staff, and families at Genesis Family Child Care. We make it a priority to understand family, culture, self-worth, and the individual.

We believe that children were born to be creative and curious. We make it our goal to bring out the best part of creativity in every child. We encourage the children to learn and explore and to continuously seek answers that are unknown to themselves. We have intentionally set up each classroom to promote curiosity by providing materials to explore with, building on skills already obtained, sharing experiences that peaks a child’s interest, and becoming aware of the surroundings. We believe in actively advocating for the children that we work with by resolving conflicts, actively listening, having daily interactions, and sharing thoughts and ideas with one another.

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