Step with Purpose - Brooklyn
Open spots!
6 weeks - 12 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-5:30pm
Home based, Bilingual, Child led, Montessori inspired, Play based
American Sign Language, English, Spanish
NY License: #440903
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All Ages spot (6 weeks - 12 years)
$340 - $355 / weekly
About us

Step with Purpose, LLC is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and complies with all applicable licensing regulations and standards. These standards relate to our staff, health, safety, procedures, nutrition, caregiver to child ratios, and record keeping. We believe that these standards are in the best interest of the children. Our childcare is subject to inspection by the NY Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regularly. Step With Purpose is located in Brooklyn NY. Our goal is to provide high quality and reliable childcare.

Step With Purpose, LLC was formed in September 2005. We provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks (with an organic vegan -vegetarian diet option). 


Our goal and priorities are to promote early childhood education through our bilingual early education, play-based, and strength-based curriculum. With our progressive and holistic early childhood education philosophy, we understand that every child is unique and is capable of excellence. We provide the environment and tools our children need to thrive to the best of their ability. We seek excellence by providing high quality services and go over-and-above recognized industry standards.

We want our families and children to gain our trust and to help promote quality bilingual early childhood education. We are a family-based organization that believes every student that walks through our door will leave with a sense of “purpose”. Our purpose is to help children prepare for a lifelong love of learning.

Children who enroll with Step With Purpose, LLC are provided with the tools and educational support they need for a healthy development. Our lessons and activities are carefully designed to adequately nurture the emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of our kids.  Stimulating educational experiences and hands-on learning opportunities ensure that our children develop into bright young minds and reach their potential.

681 Autumn Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11208

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