RNS Academy
Open spots!
1.5 year - 5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-4:30pm
Center, Academic, Immersion, Montessori inspired, Project based, STEAM
NJ License: #02RID0002#4208
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Walkers spot (1 year 5 months - 2 years)
$635 - $1,545 / monthly & weekly
YPreK spot (3-4 years)
$1,410 - $1,545 / monthly
PreK spot (4-5 years)
$1,410 - $1,545 / monthly
About us
RNS Academy was established in 1936, in Ridgewood as the Ridgewood Nursery School. Although we have changed our name, our philosophy remains the same. We are here to provide your child with a safe, warm, and caring environment where they learn through play and hands-on exploration. RNS believes when children are presented with learning opportunities that engage all five senses and are play based, children develop the ability to explore and question the world around them, encouraging deeper learning. Extra curricular classes such as Music, Yoga, Spanish and Pottery make RNS fun while providing the academic stepping stones needed to prepare young minds for life long learning. A traditionally planned curriculum, with Montessori influences includes: Academically focused hands-on projects, exposure to all types of literature, thematic based curriculum integrating all subjects areas, SMART Board Interactive lessons, enrichment classes such as Music, Yoga, Spanish and Pottery, directed and free play in our spacious indoor gymnasium, age appropriate learning experiences, and outdoor physical activity.
Our curriculums are thematically based and developed to include subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Activities are presented to children in a learn by doing format where learning feels more like playing and children are encouraged to explore and question the world around them. A traditionally planned curriculum, with Montessori influences sets the stage for life long learning.
157 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ, 07463

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