Eagle View Learning Center LLC
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1 year - 18.5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-5:30pm
English, Spanish
English, Spanish
CO License: #1670703
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Pre-K spot (4 years - 6 years 11 months)
$220 / weekly
About us

We believe children learn best when they are given quality materials to explore and play with. Our S.T.E.M. Program follows these guidelines.

By observing , touching, comparing, hypothesizing, and conducting conclusions they are learning to develop critical thinking skills at a early age. The most important time to capture a child's imagination is under the age of 5. It is vital to begin the building blocks for the love of learning over their lifetime. At this age we believe when you teach a child the amazing world of science, they learn to identify with their environment and become more aware of nature.

Expose them to the history of technology and how it is changing and evolving. Teach them how to engineer, create and build their own future. Teaching them the building blocks of math, you will capture their love and wonder of the world and send them towards the life time goal of love for learning.

We use many resources of early education to give them the best outcomes and experiences.


We understand that success in learning requires the learner to be at the center of the experience. Children need to be presented opportunities to learn the same material in different setting, through different areas. The traditional approach of teaching topics in isolation does not support the way children learn best. STEM, on the other hand, calls on educators to give children the chance to investigate an idea in a variety of settings, for what educators call cross-contextual learning. For example, in addition to practicing counting, we can take students outside to practice counting real objects they find, such as rocks, acorns, or leaves. Their learning is strengthened when they learn the same skills, ideas, and concepts in different contexts. Learning becomes more relevant when students go outside to explore nature. By asking the right questions, we can help stimulate investigations where students are, making comparisons, identifying objects, testing ideas, making predictions, sharing discoveries, while observing their natural environment. Students can also explore sizes, shapes, patterns, and disciplines in different contexts in ways that are naturally engaging to them.

2738 Unaweep Ave., GRAND JUNCTION, CO, 81503
8 months ago
We are blessed to have Eagle View. Absolutely 5 star 100% couldn't be happier! Our daughter loves her school it's been life changing.
10 months ago
Treated with judgment and profiling. Just trying to get my daughter into school. We shouldn't have to feel like we're applying for a special position thats only available for upper-class.
over 1 year ago

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