The Little Angels Home Child Care
6 weeks - 13 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:30am-5:00pm
Home based, Bilingual
English, Spanish
English, Spanish
CO License: #1766571
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About us

Our curriculum is theme-based and developmentally appropriate. We began teaching infants by exposing them to books, playing games with them, and helping them reach first-year milestones. We prepare our toddlers for pre-school by introducing them to daily group-time which focuses on reading stories and learning colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Our space is divided into learning centers which children explore, learn, and play. Three and four year olds are taught pre-school fundamentals and writing skills. Some of the subjects they study include; language and development, phonics, reading, writing, numbers, and art. Other activities that the children participate in, include, but are not limited to the following; books and story-time, Legos, circle-time, tumbling exercises, music and dancing and singing, dress up, play food, interactive stuffed animals, cars/trucks/planes, arts and crafts, puzzles, flash cards, animals/dinosaurs, trains, musical instruments, balls, dolls, various learning toys, various games, bean bag toss, blocks, large beads and string, song games, coloring, sing along story books, painting, science, and puppets. All children participate in daily outdoor recreation and activities (weather permitting). Activities include: jumping, running, balls, racing, catch, bubbles, follow the leader, squirt bottles, ride-on toys, wagons, safe water toys, various games, neighborhood walks, and exploring nature/weather. We want our children to learn, play, and grow in a safe, loving environment. We want our home child care to be one that children love attending and parents love visiting. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit and participate in our program activities. 


My philosophy is to provide a loving, happy, educational and secure environment for children. I strive to enrich each child with love of learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of creativity I also strive to promote mutual respect between the parent, the child, and myself. To accomplish these goals, I will work: To promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child. I believe that play should be the base of learning since children learn best by doing. As educators I must find a balance between teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. This can be done by using the developmentally appropriate practice approach, which means that 4 activities should be appropriate for each child and relevant to the child’s ability, needs, and interests. All children will be happy, clean, and fed nutritiously. My learning program is especially geared towards fun while each child learns. I strive to make each day a fun, safe, nutritional, and an educationally balanced experience for every child. Parents are encouraged to visit the daycare and their child whenever their child is in attendance, and to discuss any questions or concerns. We maintain a positive discipline policy, which focuses on prevention, redirection, love, kindness, empathy and consistency. We stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people and respect for property. The children are explained the rules of the school frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines. Please keep in mind that there will be disagreements between children. Young

5695 S Sicily Ct, Aurora, CO, 80015

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