St. Anne Preschool/Pre-k
3 years - 5 years old
Mon-Fri, 7:00am-6:00pm
CA License: #384001789
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About us
Saint Anne Preschool / Jr. Pre-K / Pre-K Programs

St. Anne is a Catholic Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten that focuses on the individual growth of each child and aims to foster spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Preschool Program (Caterpillar Class)

Our young three-year-old preschool program is designed to give children an opportunity to practice routines, group socialization, and basic experiences in art, science, number and letter concepts, music, and gross motor activities. The main goal is to provide a nurturing environment for children to socialize, problem solve, and explore their creativity while beginning to move towards individual independence and a positive sense of self. Our focus will be on developing communication skills and peer relationships. The projects will be theme-based and will emerge from the interest and ideas of the children. Your child must be potty trained before entering the three-year-old program. We will enroll students throughout the school year as they turn 2.9 years of age.

Junior Pre-K Program (Turtle Class)

Our Junior Pre-K program is designed to give older threes and young fours an opportunity to expand their socialization skills, hone their self-help skills, and further their abilities in pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills. Children will be given ample time to explore art, music, and science, as well as practice their fine and gross motor skills. Like our Preschool program, the projects will be theme-based and emerge from the interests and ideas of the group. Children must be three years old by September 1st of the school year to be considered for the Jr. Pre-K class. And, like the Preschool program, children must be potty trained

1362A 14th Ave, sf, CA, 94122

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