Waddler Toddler Daycare
Open spots!
1 month - 7 years old
Mon-Thu, 7:30am-5:30pm
Home based, Play based
25-36 spot (2 years 1 month - 3 years)
$55 / daily
About us
Welcome! We would love to welcome you to Waddler Toddler Daycare. We are a small in-home daycare with 4 slots for UPK if necessary. We opened in 2/2023 and still working on adding new items to our facility. We encourage children to interact with open play and to use their imagination. We incorporate in our open play; the learning of letters, colors, numbers, sorting, and more for each child; to help them achieve developmental skills.
Tinkergarden is used at times.
618 Jackson St, Clifton, CO, 81520

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